Mortgage Preapproval in Regina

The first step in the home buying process is to obtain a mortgage preapproval from a bank or lender. A pre-approval is simply a rate hold, typically for 120 days. This allows you to shop for a home without the risk of interest rate changes. The pre-approval also provides you with a purchase price for which you can shop. One of our mortgage brokers will help you acquire the pre-approval so you are confident you have the best product.

Mortgage Rate Guarantee

A Mortgage Pre-Approval guarantees an interest rate for up to 120 days, even if rates rise in the meantime. This protects you while you shop for a home. If rates should drop before your mortgage funds are advanced, you will automatically receive the lowest rate during the 120 day period.

Many real estate agents may require you to acquire a mortgage pre-approval before they will begin working with you. The pre-approval certificate is a great way to show your agent that you are a qualified buyer. The fact that you already have your mortgage financing arrangements in place indicates to prospective vendors that you are a serious buyer. A pre-approval gives you the confidence and security to negotiate a house price that falls comfortably within your budget. You want to be certain you can comfortably afford the home before you make an offer.

Quick Mortgage Pre-Approval